About Vruushali

"Everything happens for a reason, if we connect there is a strong reason"


Vruushali Nilegaaonkar
Founder,Occultist & Writer

Vruushali is a very charismatic personality with divine wisdom, promotes Spiritualism and has strong psychic towards Auras making her a natural Motivator and Life Coach.

She began her career in Dubai after passing out her MBA in Marketing with BBA degree & B.A in Economics while working at various levels in Corporate Industry.

But, she was always attracted to occult since her childhood and further indulged into her inborn psychic & intuitive self. She realized her true calling of meeting people and healing their Souls.

Her curiosity lead her to read many books, took training, meeting many Astrologers, Tarot Card readers & researched endlessly to find answers to Reincarnation, Rebirth, Life Afterlife & Pastlife, Karma to help her  friends, family, Clients & all those around her to restore Universal Truth & Peace.

She has being following a path to be an Occultist, Spiritual Therapist & a Holistic Healer  practicing  healing techniques for over 8 years based in Mumbai,India, She  is also an aspiring author about Love,Life & Break ups as relationships form the most important aspect of Social bonding and truly believes in concept of Unconditional Love.

She is very creative & passionate about life and uses her inner instincts & knowledge to help people manifests their true desires.

Vruushali has launched You24healings with a belief that when you have a problem it should be dealt at all levels of Mind, Body, Heart & Soul. It offers unique healing techniques based on Tarot Card Readings, Past life Reading Sessions, Astrology, Numerology, Colour Therapy, Meditations, Chakra Balancing, Chakra Diet, Aura Photography, Aura Readings & Vaastu Shastra Corrections also Spiritual Cleansing.

She is also a Motivational Speaker, Wellness Coach and undertakes Spiritual Camps & Workshops both in India and abroad.

Her love for rich interiors whether trendy or antique, perfection & high discipline made her launch Vaastu Designs & Interiors Consultations for space by combining Science of Vaastu shastra & Chakra Vaastu.